Sheltie Planet

The Pet Owner's Guide to Shelties (Second Edition)

By Becky Casale

Thanks for your interest in my ebook. For just $5 you can download this 190-page guide to everything you need to know about raising and caring for Shetland Sheepdogs as pets.

  • A goldmine of information for owners, breeders and rescuers
  • Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of Sheltie photos
  • Fascinating insights into evolution, appearance and behavior
  • Advice on healthcare, grooming and training

Loaded with Sheltie photos and treats, you'll love reading this fun, easy-to-digest ebook. Buy now via PayPal for instant PDF access on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Perfect for new puppy owners!

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About The Author

The Pet Owner's Guide to Shelties is written by Becky Casale, the founder and author of Sheltie Planet since 2009.

Over the last 11 years she has developed a wealth of knowledge about the breed by caring for her own two Shelties, talking to breeders and other owners, and researching the canine literature.

Becky writes for Sheltie Planet and Science Me, while studying a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and raising her two young children, Fox and Kea.

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