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Today I'm shoving Howard's furry little butt out of the limelight to share some of your most heart-warming Sheltie photos and stories. (Don't worry about Howard, he's busy eating a shoe.)

Here are your Sheltie tales: how-we-met stories, happy adventures, and tributes to Shelties past. By sharing these reader stories we hope to memorialize your treasured pets and reveal the beautiful nature of these sweet companion dogs.

Our Sandy Sunshine by David and Debbie Cochener

Sandy was 10 years old when she came to bless our family. Her gait was sprightly and so was her spirit. If left to her own devices she could drag the toilet paper from the roll through the entire house - or until the paper tore, whichever came first. If the roll was empty, she would munch on the edges of the extra rolls kept in a basket.

Packing a sandwich for lunch took extra precautions because she could find a sandwich in your purse or briefcase in seconds.

Fresh bread was her passion and more than once she managed to get a fresh baguette from the bakery down from the kitchen counter and devour it all by herself. You would think with a passion for bread that she would have a weight problem but she always seemed to know that if she had an overly large snack (ie loaf of bread) that she would need to eat less at the next meal to keep her svelte figure... [continue reading Our Sandy Sunshine]

Our Tribute to Tessie by Jennifer Sanders

My partner Noel and I took his daughters to visit a dog rescue shelter, as we wanted to show the girls what happened to abandoned dogs and to teach them that a pet is for life. The lady who ran the shelter introduced us to all of her dogs - big and small - and then went inside briefly. She came out with a sad, sick little dog, who had all of her fur shaven off and her ears had been cut off. She had also been starved and was around half of what a Sheltie should weigh.

The shelter owner placed her on the ground and this beautiful little girl walked sedately (she was a lady after all) over to me and gave me a big cuddle and smile. She then did the same to my younger step-daughter, Chloe. We decided there and then that she was coming home with us, but had to wait until she had been desexed and checked over by a vet. Chloe sobbed as we drove away and left her behind... [continue reading Our Tribute to Tessie]

Sadie's Battle with FCE by Melissa Smith

We fell in love with Sadie the moment we saw her. She was the smallest pup and the only Sable in a predominantly Bi-Black / Tri-Color litter. With her full white collar and feisty personality, we knew we'd found our girl. We'd later learn that she was born the day we'd gotten married, which just seemed right.

Our beautiful girl grew up fast. She had the most beautiful coat and presence; people were constantly drawn to her. Close friends often joked that she was the Farrah Fawcett of the dog world but sadly she was too tall to show. She had the most wonderful temperament to go with her beauty. Easy going, great with other dogs, eager to learn, loyal, loving and a great sense of humor. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect girl. Sadie was very athletic and did some agility and fly-ball training, which she excelled at. She loved our weekly hikes and her greatest joy was chasing a tennis ball, something she would do tirelessly... [continue reading Sadie's Battle with FCE]

Dusty Our Singing Shetland Sheepdog by Debbie Robillard

We lost our beloved Dusty, our nine-year-old Blue Merle Sheltie, to Meningitis in August 2010. He lived with hip dysplasia in both hips and was on meds most of his life but never complained.

He had the Sheltie singing trait and sang to me every day when I would come home. He even sang on the way home the day he had his hip surgery... it was amazing.

Dusty had his surgery in February 2010 and went to water treadmill therapy for about four months. Up until the day before we had him put to rest he actually met me at the door limping on that leg and smiling for me... [continue reading Dusty Our Singing Shetland Sheepdog]

Finn and Polly by Judith Bluhm-Brown

About this time last year, I decided that it was time for us to get a dog. My two daughters were so excited that I finally made this decision, we wasted no time go to Shenton Park Dog Refuge here in Perth, Western Australia. This is a very good refuge for dogs that will home or foster out dogs - they do not put them down no matter how long a dog has been there.

Well, we looked at several dogs and then I saw these two sweet faced Shelties in one of the pens. While all the other dogs were barking for our attention, they sat quietly by the gate and let me stroke them. I have always loved the breed but these two came as a set - they had been found wandering together and the shelter would not separate them. I thought they were so sweet but I only came for one dog, not two... [continue reading Finn and Polly]

Coco's Sheltie Blog - November

November 3 - I had to go the the vet today because I have been limping occasionally for the past few weeks. The vet told me that I have to rest for the next 2 weeks with only short walkies. That nice vet gave me a box of sweeties and she told me to eat one before dinner every day. She is nice that vet.

November 5 - Mummy took me to the green patch and then we did some training. Mummy wanted to do "Get it and put it back" but I was not really in the mood for it. So we decided to do some basic training.

I walked backwards and did the "leave it" command too. While training I barked at mummy. I shouldn't have but the weather was nice today and yet I couldn't go to the park so I was irritated.

The tiny little sweetie ball the vet gave me is very tasty. Do you want some, daddy... [continue reading Coco's Sheltie Blog - November]

Bruiser and Missy by Kimberley Herr

My first Sheltie I had growing up was a Sable boy. Sadly, we had to put him to sleep when he was 14 years old... and after that I knew I wanted another Sheltie, but not a Sable as it would be too sad.

Then, for my graduation from college, my husband (then fiancee) surprised me with Bruiser, a Tri Colored Sheltie!! He was my baby and after we had my daughter, he became very protective over her.

Now, five years later we have Missy a Blue Merle Sheltie and two kids. Bruiser and Missy play very well together and they are my five-year-old's protectors. Any time a stranger gets close to one of the children (especially the oldest), they get between them and the stranger. Any time I have to get onto one of the kids, they get in between us... [continue reading Bruiser and Missy]

Lady Duchess by Estella Guerrero

Growing up mostly in Texas, we had a herd of Collies. But now, because we lived in a mobile home, we could not get a dog any bigger than 30 lbs. So the search was on for a smaller, Collie-like dog to keep my husband company while he worked from home. Finally, I found an ad that said Shelties for sale. The breeder told me of her Sheltie puppies including a female Tri Color Sheltie that was the sweetest most lovable thing ever!

So we made a trip out to Dale, Texas, to pick what would be the best companion ever. Being an avid dog lover, I was excited about seeing the puppies. We looked at some Sable Shelties, but I was drawn to the Tri Color Sheltie called Lady Duchess. She was so cute and lovable, we made our decision. Lady Duchess would be a birthday present for my husband (at the time)... [continue reading Lady Duchess]

Coco's Sheltie Blog - October

October 1 - Raining, raining... all day raining. I cannot go out and this is just boring. I sat by the window for a while to see if anything exciting happens but nothing is happening. Even next door's doggies are inside today. I love sitting by the window and looking outside so I want my daddy to build a balcony with a roof for me, please...

October 7 - It was raining this morning so I decided to look through the wardrobe while mummy was out for shopping. Let me see... what shall I try today? This and that and this and that and.... Hmmm...I suppose they are OK, but maybe, Daddy, can you take me out for shopping this weekend? I saw a fabulous harness with ribbons and everything in a magazine the other day.

October 8 - I have friends all over the world now so I looked at the map and studied. So where am I??? OH MY WOOF... [continue reading Coco's Sheltie Blog - October]

Our Beautiful Sadie by Margaret Schiffer

In 1998, my husband Dan and I had just become empty nesters and we didn't like it one bit! Not prone to starting over with a human baby, we thought we would try a dog. We found an ad in the local paper for two 13-month-old Shelties, brother and sister, that were available.

The owners were elderly and the husband had become ill and they could no longer care for the two younger dogs and their mother. Dan and I had never been around Shelties, but we had just done some research and, from what we had read, thought that a Sheltie would be a perfect fit. We went to look at the brother and sister pair and they were both adorable. I decided to just sit on the floor, cross-legged and just watch them and let them make the first move. Sadie, the girl, walked right up to me, climbed into my lap and curled up in a ball. To this day, we say that she chose us... [continue reading Our Beautiful Sadie]

Coco's Sheltie Blog - September

September 1 - When I was having a morning nap I heard Mummy cleaning the shower room and the bathroom. OH MY GOD!! I must go!! I cannot miss any opportunities to bark at the light pull string and the moment mummy flashes the toilets!! I barked and ran around a lot. Our neighbours might have been annoyed... But there are lots of exciting things in the bathroom area and I cannot help it!! Mummy and daddy always ask me the reason. Why don't they understand???

September 2 - I went to Staines with mummy and nanny today. We walked along the river and went to the town centre. When I go there with mummy and daddy we always go to Costa coffee and sit outside. I know this because I am a clever girl. So I led mummy and nanny to Costa coffee. I was half running to get a nice table for them. But mummy said we wouldn't sit there today. I was very disappointed.

When we were waiting for the train to go home a nice lady talked to me and stroked me. Actually she was the 5th or 6th person who admired me today. Mummy's face was beaming because she was very proud of me... [continue reading Coco's Sheltie Blog - September]

Our Sheltie and Collie Family by Margaret Lakofsky

Sadly we lost our beautiful mahogany Sheltie, Katie, last June - just two months short of 15 years old. She was named Lakofsky's Katie Scarlett after Gone With The Wind and we had had her since she was 7 weeks old.

The next day, I was looking at the website of Almost Home Dog Rescue in Ohio. We have fostered 25 Collies and Shelties over the years from them and our Collie, Apollo, was adopted from them.

Very unexpectedly they had two Sable and White 12-week-old Sheltie puppies listed on the website. I always said that I would never get another puppy, because they are such hard work when they're young compared to older rescue dogs. However I was drawn to her, because her name was Tara, the same as the plantation in Gone With The Wind. It was Kismet! It was as if Katie was sending Tara to us... [continue reading Our Sheltie and Collie Family]

Dacia's Story by Agi Cortez

Our 12-year-old daughter wanted a cat. I was severely allergic to cat dander and we managed to convince her to find a dog that she'd love to own.

Our family was given an Italian Greyhound a couple years earlier and as beautiful as he was, he wasn't very bright. So our daughter researched intelligent dogs and decided on the Sheltie breed.

After months of visiting every shelter (this was before the internet was widely used) we eventually visited a shopping mall pet store.

We had that sinking feeling about pet shop puppies and felt so sorry for them. This was before we had heard anything about pet stores working with puppy mills and their deplorable conditions. It wasn't so much that they weren't taken care of, but as my daughter put it at the time: how would you like being looked at every day and no-one is willing to take you home?

I smiled and there she was; Dacia was there with a sad and very distant look in her eyes. Sitting with her back to the glass, she laid in her glass cage uninterested in the public fiasco she was born into. My daughter was automatically smitten and instantly saddened. She asked if we could pay her 'bail' and get her out of there. No dog should have to be undignified by this circus-like atmosphere... [continue reading Dacia's Story]

Coco's Sheltie Blog - August

August 23 - Rainy day. When we left the park it started raining. Mummy had an umbrella but I was outside of it. But then the rain got heavier so mummy carried me. Some people were laughing at us but I was comfortable.

August 24 - Mummy took me to the park to see Katy the Sheltie puppy. She was very lively and as soon as she saw me she ran to me and tried to play with me. Mummy told me to be gentle but I couldn't. I snapped at her a few times because she kept coming back to me and at last I snapped at her quite badly... after this she didn't come to me. I was not very good girl in the park today and felt a bit guilty. But mummy put my favorite toys in my bed with me so I can have a nap now... with a peaceful mind.

August 25 - In the park I played with the Frisbee with mummy and I enjoyed it very much. I strolled in the park, looked for pigeons and squirrels, had a bit of rest and got very gentle pat from a couple... [continue reading Coco's Sheltie Blog - August]

Our Little Lady by Susan Cox

Our Little Lady has quite a background story before we adopted her in January 2010, bless her little heart. I found that face and fell in love online while searching Sheltie Rescue sites from every State around ours, Indiana.

I wanted another black-white-tan (tri) like the one and only Cindeelu who went to the Rainbow Bridge in February of 2009 at age 14. I knew we could not replace that little angel but I always liked the tri-color. We still have Cindeelu's sister, Kate, who is a Blue Merle and still beautiful at 14 now and in pretty good health, always wanting to chase that Frisbee.

Well, Lady was found on the Iowa Sheltie Rescue website. I filled out an application online and after several phone calls with the director, my husband and I were on an adventure in the freezing cold with snow piled a foot deep. We drove to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, from Greenwood, Indiana and back from a Friday night through a Saturday night. All for the love of Shelties... [continue reading Our Little Lady]

The Story of Lucky and Chase by Julie Smith

The first Sheltie I ever owned arrived mysteriously in my backyard one day - at the time I was still living at home with my parents.

I was at work and received a phone call from my ex boyfriend who told me that he no longer could take care of his Sheltie puppy and that he had dropped him in the fenced backyard at my parents house. I immediately left work and went home. I ran in the front door and ran downstairs to go out into the backyard... but there in the basement stood the cutest little guy who just captured my heart at first sight.

My parents did not care for my ex boyfriend so I could not tell them where the puppy came from so I acted dumb and said "aww where did he come from?" My parents told me he just arrived mysteriously in the backyard... They weren't dumb and I'm sure they could see through me but regardless they made me go door-to-door in the neighborhood asking if this little guy belonged to anyone. Thank God they all said no... [continue reading The Story of Lucky and Chase]

Sarah The Sheltie by Christina O'Donnell

I was watching Oprah and there was an episode about puppy mills, it made me so sad. So my husband and I decided to save an older dog instead of getting a puppy as there are so many out there that no-one wants.

I pull into the drive way and a beautiful 6-year-old Sheltie named Sarah came smiling and wagging her way towards me. The lady there said she was looking after Sarah because her old owner had died and her husband was now going into an old people's home and could no longer look after her.

Her bark sounded so weird and I asked why she sounded like that? I found out she had been de-barked - I was horrified. I was even more determined to bring her into our family. As I was getting back into my car with Sarah, a little puppy came running out barking like she was calling out for Sarah not to go... [continue reading Sarah The Sheltie]

Lady and Indy by Mary Patterson

My husband wanted a dog for his first birthday we celebrated following our wedding. I preferred a small lap dog and Pat wanted a Collie. We went to a pet store and he discovered a book on Shetland Sheepdogs.

I told him I didn't think I could like let alone love that bread. But Pat decided he would place this little book in different hiding spots around the house for me to surprisingly discover and rediscover - just like Ralphie left magazine ads for his Mom for the Red Rider BB gun he wanted in the movie, A Christmas Story.

Pat predicted I would eventually 'get it' and he would get his Sheltie. Since I knew he loved watching Lassie when he was a boy, I felt I needed to find a sable/white.

In 1988, I was new to Kansas City. At that time we did not have GPS or MapQuest. I called Sheltie breeders and searched both KC, Kansas and KC, Missouri. Thank goodness for good note taking directions, I was able to bring Pat's Sheltie home for his birthday... [continue reading Lady and Indy]

An Interview with a Professional Sheltie Breeder

Mary Bryant is the owner of Crosswood Shelties, a small kennel in Northeastern South Carolina. She strives for beauty, intelligence, soundness, good conformation and great temperaments in her Shelties.

Mary kindly agreed to share her experiences of the practice of professionally breeding and showing Shetland Sheepdogs. It makes for a fascinating interview and gives us pet-owners a glimpse into the life of a Sheltie breeder... [continue reading An Interview with Mary Bryant]

My Name is Lucy by Karen Cunningham Johnson

Hi it's me, Lucy. I am 5.5 lbs and so very happy at my new home after three weeks. I now know what it's like to live inside in the AC and get love every single day of my life. I came from a farm in a pen with my bubbies and sissies and Mom and Dad. I do miss them but I don't miss not having any attention and no shade. I have two people that love me very much and a new sissie cat that I love to herd around.

We were so happy in early March to have rescued a 1-year-old Sheltie found on our grounds at work. It became obvious after two days we would not be able to keep her because she needed to be outside where she could run and play. At that time we had no fence so we gave her up... [continue reading My Name is Lucy]

A Tale of Dog Sitters by Sheltie Planet

Pete and I live in New Zealand. It's a beautiful part of the world with more natural scenery than you can shake a stick at. The only downside of living here - is that my family doesn't.

So every couple of years we travel back to the UK to visit the gene pool. It's a huge trip, taking about 30 hours of non-stop travel door-to-door. Which is why we usually go for a whole month. The painful part is that we have to leave our Shelties behind. So what do you do with your furbabies when you have to go away for so long?

Usually, we rely on Pete's family to take care of our pooches. But this year we stumbled onto dog sitters. This is the idea of inviting someone to live in your house and take care of your dogs in a way that suits their normal routine. And the bonus is that dog sitters are free. It's a mutually beneficial deal in which they get free accommodation and a nice vacation with some animals. And you get to go away knowing your pets are facing minimal disruption while you're gone... [continue reading A Tale of Dog Sitters]

A Sheltie Meetup by Sheltie Planet

Today we held a Sheltie meetup in Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks so much to Sue and Gareth for hosting 15 Shelties plus their humans! We also had an honorary Sheltie (spot the Pomeranian). The end result was Shelties everywhere... [continue reading A Sheltie Meetup]

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