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These are your Sheltie tales - from cute anecdotes to life stories of Shelties past. Learn about the beautiful nature of these sweet companion dogs.

Photos from The Sheltie Meetup AucklandSheltie Meetup Photos

Today we held a Sheltie Meetup in Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks so much to Sue and Gareth for hosting 15 Shelties, 1 Pomeranian and all their happy humans.

A Tale of Dog Sitters

A Tale of Dog Sitters

What happens when you leave your beloved Shelties behind for a four-week trip overseas? They fall in love with the dog sitters of course!

Our Singing Shetland SheepdogDusty, Our Singing Shetland Sheepdog

Dusty had the Sheltie singing trait and sang to me every day when I would come home. Sadly we lost our beloved Dusty when he was nine years old to Meningitis in 2010. He lived with hip dysplasia in both hips and was on meds most of his life but never complained.

Our Tribute to Sandy The SheltieOur Sandy Sunshine by David & Debbie Cochener

Sandy the Sheltie was 10 years old when she came to bless our family. Her gait was sprightly and so was her spirit. If left to her own devices she could...

Tessie Our Adopted SheltieOur Tribute to Tessie The Adopted Sheltie by Jennifer Sanders

A tribute to our Tessie the Sheltie, who we adopted with a heart condition and other health problems but who gave us 2.5 years of wonderful companionship.

FCE in SheltiesSadie's Battle with FCE by Melissa Smith

The story of a beautiful Sheltie named Sadie, who was struck down with suspected FCE while running in the park. All about Sadie's diagnosis and recovery... and her happy ending!

Interview with Dove CresswellInterview with Dove Cresswell

An interview with Dove Cresswell, professional dog trainer in TV and film and creator of Puppy and Dog Training online videos. Discover her insights into the best way to train your Sheltie and understand their behaviors.

Finn and Polly Happy at LastFinn and Polly by Judith Bluhm-Brown

My daughters were so excited when I made the decision to get a dog, we wasted no time go to Shenton Park Dog Refuge here in Perth, Western Australia.

Coco's Sheltie Blog - NovemberCoco's Sheltie Blog - November

Welcome to Coco Sheltie's guest blog for November. Here Coco shares her favorite funny dog photos and her canine musings, including winning a doggy photo competition and launching her very own Sheltie blog.

Bruiser and Missy's Sheltie TaleBruiser and Missy by Kimberley Herr

For my graduation from college, my husband (then fiancée) surprised me with Bruiser, a Tri Colored Sheltie. He was my baby and after we had my daughter, he became very protective over her.

My Sheltie Tale: Lady DuchessLady Duchess by Estella Guerrero

Growing up mostly in Texas, we had a herd of Collies. But now, because we lived in mobile home, we could not get a dog any bigger than 30 lbs. So the search was on for a smaller, Collie-like dog to keep my husband company while he worked from home.

Coco's Sheltie Blog - OctoberCoco's Sheltie Blog - October

Welcome to Coco Sheltie's guest blog for October. Here Coco shares her favorite funny dog photos and her canine musings, including making a delicious Beef, Guinness and Cheddar Cheese Stew and riding in the garden center trolley.

Sadie's Sheltie TaleOur Beautiful Sadie by Margaret Schiffer

In 1998, my husband Dan and I had just become empty nesters and we didn't like it one bit! Not prone to starting over with a human baby, we thought we would try a dog. We found an ad in the local paper for two 13-month-old Shelties, brother and sister, that were available.

Coco's Sheltie Blog - SeptemberCoco's Sheltie Blog - September

Welcome to Coco Sheltie's guest blog for September. Here Coco shares her favorite funny dog photos and her canine musings, including a trip to the Lake District and meeting Peter Rabbit.

Tara's Sheltie TaleOur Sheltie and Collie Family by Margaret Lakofsky

Sadly we lost our beautiful mahogany Sheltie, Katie, last June just two months short of 15 years old. She was named Lakofsky's Katie Scarlett after Gone With The Wind and we had had her since she was 7 weeks old.

Dacia's StoryDacia's Story by Agi Cortez

Over 13 years ago, our 12-year-old daughter wanted a cat. I was severely allergic to cat dander and we managed to convince her to find a dog that she'd love to own. Our daughter researched intelligent dogs and decided on the Sheltie breed.

Coco's Sheltie Blog - AugustCoco's Sheltie Blog - August

Welcome to Coco's Sheltie blog for August. Here Coco shares her favorite funny dog photos and her canine musings, including a rainy trip to the park and a yummy toilet roll.

Little Lady's Sheltie TaleOur Little Lady by Susan Cox

Our Little Lady has quite a background story before we adopted her in 2010, bless her little heart. I found that face and fell in love online while searching Sheltie Rescue sites from every State around ours, Indiana.

Lucky's Sheltie TaleThe Story of Lucky and Chase by Julie Smith

The first Sheltie I ever owned arrived mysteriously in my backyard one day. I was at work and received a phone call from my ex boyfriend who told me that he no longer could take care of his Sheltie puppy and that he had dropped him in the fenced backyard.

Sarah's Sheltie TaleSarah The Sheltie by Christina O'Donnell

I was watching Oprah and there was an episode about puppy mills, it made me so sad. So my husband and I decided to save an older dog instead of getting a puppy as there are so many out there that no-one wants.

Lady's Sheltie TaleLady and Indy by Mary Patterson

Our Lady Patterson was a little person dressed in a dog suit! She loved and lived to be with us and we with her. After we got married, my husband wanted a dog for his birthday. I preferred a small lap dog and Pat wanted a Collie.

A Sheltie Breeder InterviewInterview with Mary Bryant

Mary Bryant is the owner of Crosswood Shelties, a small hobby kennel in Northeastern South Carolina. She strives for beauty, intelligence, soundness, good conformation and great temperaments in her Shelties.

Lucy's Sheltie TaleMy Name is Lucy by Karen Cunningham Johnson

Hi it's me, Lucy. I am 5.5 lbs and so very happy at my new home after three weeks. I now know what it's like to live inside in the AC and get love every single day of my life. I came from a farm in a pen with my bubbies and sissies and Mom and Dad.

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