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Sheltie Rescues in The UK

Here's our directory of Sheltie rescuers in the UK. Contact the national organiser or your nearest branch to meet Shetland Sheepdogs for adoption.

Rescue a Sheltie

Kizzy from Hope Rescue, adopted in 2015

Organisation ESSC Welfare and Rescue
Contact Name Sheila Riding or Linda Whittington
Email sheilaariding[at] or lindawhittington[at]

Location East Anglia (North)
Contact Name Pauline Buxton
Email meisterwerk2010[at]
Phone 07979 500879

Location East Anglia
Contact Name Sheila Stock
Email shemist_stock[at]
Phone 01279 812989

Location Midlands
Contact Name Pauline Simkiss or Joanne Lester
Email carly[at] or saffymojo[at]
Phone 01527 524424 or 07801 814659

Location South East
Contact Name Suzanne Standen or Rosalind Allan
Email kaimeadow[at]
Phone 01622 820639 or 01403 733549

Location Bristol, Dorset & Somerset & SSCW
Contact Name Jan Lansdown
Email janlansdown[at]
Phone 0292 075 7915

Location Chilterns
Contact Name Sheila Wicks-Jones or Denise Gruszka
Email slickjonz[at] or denise[at]
Phone 01865 747107 or 01285 810323

Location North East
Contact Name Pam East
Email pam.east[at]
Phone 01670 516242

Location Watling
Contact Name Bridget Jamieson
Email bridgetsgjamieson[at]
Phone 01763 289543

Location East Midlands
Contact Name Pat Wallis
Email beatbeatdog[at]
Phone 01159 830773
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