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Check out these cute Sheltie pictures including Sheltie puppies, Shelties in the bath, and see how a Sheltie looks growing from a puppy into a proud adult dog. Also: how to photograph your furball in any situation.

Sheltie Puppy Development in Pictures

Sheltie puppies go through rapid developments after birth, maturing into adult dogs by 1-2 years. Check out these adorable developmental stages.

#1. Newborn Sheltie puppies are completely vulnerable. Their eyes are closed, they can't hear and they even need help from mom to pee and poop. Their bodies have only a fine layer of fur, so they huddle up to mom and their litter mates to keep warm. Their first experience is being licked clean by their mother's tongue.

#2. In the first week of life, neonatal Sheltie puppies sleep and feed lots, enabling them to more than double their weight. They're too weak to support their own weight though and can only slither across the ground by wiggling their legs. They do have a good sense of smell and touch at this point which helps them feed... [continue reading Sheltie Puppy Development in Pictures]

101 Cute Sheltie Puppies

All puppies are adorable. That's a fact. But the Shetland Sheepdog puppy - with his big floppy ears, beautiful almond eyes and silky soft fur - knows how to be deliberately cute on demand.

We just can't get enough of them, which is why we asked Sheltie Planet readers to send in their favorite Sheltie puppy photos. And this is the squeal-worthy result. Get ready for complete fluff overload because these guys will melt your heart. Silly, curious, playful, sleepy, bashful... oh wait now I'm naming dwarves... [continue reading 101 Cute Sheltie Puppies]

101 Shelties in The Bath

Shelties just love a nice wet bath, right? Ah, how about no! Bathing a Sheltie is like wrestling with a hairy octopus who would rather be anywhere else than struggling in your grip under the shower head. Eventually the forlorn Sheltie submits to your watery whims and then you get the look of absolute sorrow. We're sorry, Shelties!

When we asked Sheltie Planet readers to share their cutest, funniest and oh-so-sorrowful photos of dripping wet Shelties in the tub, this is what we got. Whether they're shrunk by half, or giving you the side eye for making them smell like coconut, this photo collection is downright ridiculous... [continue reading 101 Shelties in The Bath]

How To Photograph Your Dog

One of the reasons I made Sheltie Planet is because I have an abundance of Sheltie photos I wanted to share. I love taking pictures of Howard and Piper and being able to capture them in a way that frames that moment forever. Today I'd like to share some general pet photography tips based on what I've learnt through online research and good old trial-and-error. I hope this helps you get the most out of your pet photography and creates some great images that you will treasure forever.

#1. Choose your setting. I prefer taking outdoor photos because there is heaps more light than when you're cooped up indoors. There is also plenty more natural scenery which compliments your furry subject matter... [continue reading How To Photograph Your Dog]

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