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50 Funny Sheltie Cartoons by Rob Middleton

Brain Training for Sheltie Dogs50 Funny Sheltie Cartoons

Cartoonist and animal lover, Rob Middleton, has put together a collection of 50 Funny Sheltie Cartoons. Fall in love with the quirky nature of Shetland Sheepdogs all over again in these adorable cartoon sketches.

What's Inside?

Rob has captured the quirky personality traits of this beautiful breed and converted them into cute cartoons that will tickle you pink. From the Sheltie smile, to "mini Lassie" remarks, to smarty pants Shelties - you'll be sure to recognize these traits in your own Shelties.

Sheltie Cartoon Montage

Rob says: "My first encounter with the breed was a long time ago, when I was in the cub scouts. One of the cub scout leaders had a Shetland Sheepdog - 'Shep', not a very original name for sure, but very reminiscent of how my father used to name every cat 'cat'. Anyway, I was thinking back to those memories of long ago when compiling this collection of Sheltie pictures."

50 Funny Sheltie Cartoons

Rob lives in Tokyo, Japan. Check out more of his work online including loads of funny animal art.

Free Bonus! Get Rob's "A-Z of Dog Breeds" for free when you download 50 Funny Sheltie Cartoons here. From Basset Hounds to Borzois and Schnauzers to Shih Tzus, Rob shares his unique perspective on all our canine friends.

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Becky Casale is a writer and science student. She has two Sheltie babies and two human babies who all smell like popcorn. See her Pet Owner's Guide to Shelties and her illustrated blog Science Me.

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