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Our Beautiful Sadie

My husband Dan and I had just become empty nesters and we didn't like it one bit! Not prone to starting over with a baby, we thought we would try a dog. By Margaret Schiffer.

Beautiful Sadie The Sheltie

Beautiful Sadie

In 1998, my husband Dan and I had just become empty nesters and we didn't like it one bit! Not prone to starting over with a human baby, we thought we would try a dog. We found an ad in the local paper for two 13-month-old Shelties, brother and sister, that were available.

The owners were elderly and the husband had become ill and they could no longer care for the two younger dogs and their mother. Dan and I had never been around Shelties, but we had just done some research and, from what we had read, thought that a Sheltie would be a perfect fit. We went to look at the brother and sister pair and they were both adorable. I decided to just sit on the floor, cross-legged and just watch them and let them make the first move. Sadie, the girl, walked right up to me, climbed into my lap and curled up in a ball. To this day, we say that she chose us!

We brought Sadie home that day. She was quite quiet and timid and we noticed that she showed fear around men. We kept things calm for a few days and then it was Monday and time to go to work. We owned our own business, so I brought Sadie to work with me. She hid under my desk every day for at least two weeks. All of my co-workers were so patient with her, they talked in a calm voice and let her make the first move. And within a few months, Sadie and I would arrive at the office and I wouldn't see her until the end of the day. She spent all day visiting each office, catching a nap wherever she was tired and mooching an occasional treat that she knew Mom wouldn't approve of.

Over time, her fear of men disappeared and she and my husband would make regular trips to the airport (Dan is a pilot). She loved walking the fields and running along the ground as the airplanes flew by.

Gorgeous Piper

Gorgeous Piper

In 2008, Sadie suddenly had a violent seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. With the help of our fantastic vet and medication, we were able to have our beautiful girl for 15 more months. She went to work with me on Friday December 18th 2009 and had the best day. She died in our arms the very next day. I have never know a more loving creature in my life.

We now have a new Sheltie puppy named Piper (after the aircraft company, of course!) Our hearts just could not be without one of these wonderful animals. She is smart, hilarious, loving and, most of all, a testament to Sadie.

By Margaret Schiffer

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