4 month old puppy biting kids

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4 month old puppy biting kids

Post by Zoeybug » Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:05 pm

So we got out Sheltie at 8 weeks old. We got her from a breeder and having shelties in the past we just love them. Zoey is out of the puppy biting phase but recently a few incidents have happened. The first one was a week ago when she was sleeping and my 5 year old just went up to lay with her and she bit him in the eye and drew blood. She doesn’t nip at me or my daughter just the boys. The boys are gentle with her and really isn’t hurting her to get that reaction. She’s a love bug except when being woken up while sleeping. Doesn’t bite the kids any other time. My question is will she grow out of it? I have tried to tell them to leave her alone if she’s sleeping but wonder what anyone else has experienced. We have owned shelties and not on has even bit one of the kids. Mollie our baby who passed away a year ago wouldn’t even dream of biting the kids. Any advice would be appreciated! I have tried doing where I wake her up over and over and not once has she snapped at me. She just bit my two year old in the face about 30 mins ago because he pet her while she was sleeping. She didn’t draw blood or leave a mark! No we will not get rid of her because she’s still a puppy and learning, so please don’t tell me to get rid of her. She knows she hurt them and comes back and tries to kiss and love on them. Just wondering if anyone has advice to break her of it or on how to work with her.

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Re: 4 month old puppy biting kids

Post by Hanaih » Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:54 pm

My sheltie has never done this behavior but I can offer what worked with a mini dachshund that we had. What we were told to do was wake the dog up throughout the day when it was sleeping. Do not use any part of your body to do this. But use a soft object to nudge your sheltie awake. Once she is awake talk to her in a calm happy voice but do not touch her until you stop the initial happy talk and she has risen. Do this over and over throughout the day and and basically what I was told is this will desensitize the dog from the reaction that it's having. Ours resolved in 2 wks and this advice was given to me by a friend who is a dog trainer.

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