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Post by LisaM77 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:54 am

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone else does agility with their sheltie/s. Moose is in his 2nd term and none of his 1st term classmates showing up meant we got put in with people in their 3rd and 4th terms! Moose did a lot better than I did (some serious coordination required with training some obstacles!). We are hoping his classmates will show up next week because it's a lot of pressure on both of us to try to catch up doing work at home, especially when I'm worried I'll get it wrong. Going from stepping through 2 sets of uprights to a 3 jump lane and never doing weaves to 4 poles all in the same night - to his credit he took to it all like a pro.

When I started agility with him I had no idea what a commitment it would be! Would love to hear others' experiences...


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Re: Agility

Post by sadie&carson » Sat Apr 28, 2012 9:50 am

I'm building Carson a course in my yard out of pvc! I already have a jump and the weave poles set up, I will be working on some more in the next few weeks. He loves the jump, now he needs more work on the weave poles.
Sadie and I used to do some, never went into any competitions though. She loved it, and still jumps over the jump with Carson at almost 11 years old. (I try to keep her from it but she loves it)
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