Help with Itchy Skin

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Help with Itchy Skin

Post by Ghityrl » Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:33 am

Help! I live in Florida so maybe this should go out to all the Florida groomers. I am having more issues with people bringing in their dogs and complaining of their itchy skin. 8 out of 10 dogs coming in have itchy skin! Now, I am 80% sure this isn't because of my product, because half of these people are new customers. (I have only been around a year.) I try to ask reasonable questions to find out why they may have itchy skin, but basically I need a good shampoo that will help alleviate these dogs issues. Some of it is the sand dust that they get in their coat when they roll around in the grass. Some of it is allergies. What shampoos/products do you recommend to help? I use mostly Tropiclean products and some B2B. I find my best shampoo is the Tropiclean Aloe. That seems to help my own dogs with their dry skin a bit, but I need a sure thing!

I am looking at other shampoos to try them out and see what is the best fit for me too so any input is welcome!


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