I Hate Hot Spots!!

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Re: I Hate Hot Spots!!

Post by niknak » Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:39 pm

The week before July 4th holiday I had both of my Shelties, one a sable (Angel - age 8) and the other a blue Merle (Skyla - age 11) groomed at the same groomer same day. They looked beautiful and I did not see any trauma to the skin. They even won 1st and 3rd place in the town pet show. We went on vacation a week later and had a very trustworthy friend watch them for ten days. When we returned both dogs had hot spots in the pit area under their legs and the Skyla had two circular hotspots the exact shape of the dryer on her back with the hair falling out. They had been in air conditioning all week. I had spent over $500 last fall when Skyla had a similar but far less severe skin irritation - special shampoo, antibiotics, full geriatric and thyroid blood panel etc. They found nothing wrong with her, all blood work showed she was in perfect health and nothing wrong with the thyroid. This also occurred a few weeks after a visit to the same groomer. I used the shampoo weekly for a month and she completed the meds and it cleared up. This time around I had some shampoo left so I used it on both dogs and brushed them daily. Angel is all better and has no more irritation but poor Skyla has bald patches and still has a few red and flaky areas. I bought a 3-way ointment called sulfodene that seems to be giving her great relief, she gets very happy when I apply it. It is helping with the redness but her hair is still falling out. Fortunately her coat is thick enough to cover the patches. I am so stressed over this. I feel terrible that it is my fault for going back to the groomer after the first incident, but the vet seemed so sure it was her new dog food causing an allergy. I am sure that is not the case now. I am going to try the dandruff shampoo idea.

Has anyone else had this happen from a visit to the groomer? Could it be dirty brushes, dryer too hot?

Thank you for your advice.

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Re: I Hate Hot Spots!!

Post by kakaron » Tue Nov 08, 2016 2:32 am

i totally agree with the third comment about that ...

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Re: I Hate Hot Spots!!

Post by Belle22 » Thu Jul 23, 2020 5:15 pm

My Sheltie developed a red hot spot on his back leg after a trip to the groomer last week. He has one which flares up on his front leg periodically but I'd never seen one on his hind leg until this week. He's almost 9 years old and has arthritis in his left back leg especially so I wondered if it were that but I'm more inclined to link it to whatever happened at the groomers. She kind of hacked his fur off this time after giving him a lovely cut last time. He's not exactly the most groomer friendly dog as he hates being groomed but still. Disappointing.

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