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Post by Ronna58 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:17 pm

DLMitchell brought up a good point about vaccines in a previous thread. I am starting a new thread specific to the question about vaccinations, particular lepto.

I had lepto given to my other Shelties. This year, I was lucky enough, thanx to the recommendation of a friend, to find a new vet. What I didn't know what that he and his wife just love Shelties and considered getting one. He and I had a long discussion about the vaccines, the lepto one in particular. He did not push it with me, instead stating it was not necessary unless I was going hiking in the bush, etc. I appreciated that he knows the Shelties and what they can and can't handle in vaccines, particularly my Emma, who although MDR1 normal/normal, does have a problem with medications.

So I just went with the basics for Emma, the rabies for Natalie as she was due, and then when Liam comes due in July, I will do the basics, minus the lepto.

It could have been a reaction to the medication, and I feel you vet you have listened and been more compassionate about your concerns. Talk to a Sheltie breeder in your area and find out what vet they deal with and switch.
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Re: vaccinations

Post by LisaM77 » Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:29 am

Moose was a very unhappy boy for the day when he got his annual shots this year, but we go anywhere and everywhere (so the full regimen is recommended) and I can't stand the thought of something happening to him that I could have prevented. When I compare a day a year where he is quiet and sleeps a lot to the pain of losing him (and the guilt if I could have prevented it) it's a no brainer.

The only thing I wasn't too impressed with was that the vet didn't warn me how he might react and I was pretty concerned for a while. But I'm not shy about calling them up and I talked them through what he was displaying/not displaying that was unusual for him and they immediately said it was quite common, but also asked me to call back and update them after a few hours, which I did. So they did make up for it.

I was told the same thing about the lepto vaccine but since he comes mountain biking with me and we go all over the place for that he has it. My parents spend a lot of time traveling and at various beaches and a lot of farm land so their sheltie gets the works too.

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