Anyone ever use a dog nail grinder?

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Anyone ever use a dog nail grinder?

Post by Ussaydi » Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:49 am

Our dog hates to have her nails trimmed , I did it once or twice. She bled quite a bit once and has never forgotten it. I have to muzzle her to do the job and so does the Vet. Ironically the groomer at the kennel we use can do it without a muzzle but it's hard to work in appts. to fit their schedule and mine and traffic (they're not right up the street). Besides, our dog shakes like crazy in the car thinking she's staying at the kennel.

Just wondered if anyone has used one of these hand held, battery operated nail grinders before. And if they're loud/scary for a dog. Or quick, silent and very easy to use.

Target has one for $20 advertised in the Sunday flyer.



PS - I have used a manual nail file on her nails but it barely does the job and mostly just works her up.

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