House trainng problem--big time

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House trainng problem--big time

Post by robertlr » Sat Apr 13, 2019 4:50 pm

Our 12-year-old sheltie died recently, and in our heart-broken grief, we deiced to get a new a new puppy. Rona was 12 weeks old when we brought her home, and we have had her now for two weeks.

She is a delight in most respects; but we simply cannot house break her because she has it completely backwards:. i.e., she NEVER goes outside, and ALWAYS goes inside.

Here is the latest and most aggravating scenario:
We fed her at 1 o'clock today, 15 minutes later we took her out and SWORE she would not come inside till she had pooped outside.
We took her for a long walk. Nothing.
We kept her outside in the front yard (where we are trying to train her to go). Nothing
We put her in an exercise pen. She yapped, she fell asleep. Nothing.
We took her out again. She wandered around. Nothing
THREE HOURS LATER (by the clock) we took her in the house, Within ONE minute (not exaggerating), she pooped on the floor.

It's never the same spot. and we thoroughly clean all her accidents. (The problem is, they are are not accidents. The accidents are outside . She KNOWS she is supposed to go potty ONLY on the floor ion. In the house!)

Rona is very smart . She has almost 100% recall--a 14-week puppy . She knows "sit" 100%; she knows "in your crate" 100%, She knows "come, " she knows her name. It seems any POSITIVE action that can be treat-reinforced she can learn in just a handful of repetitions.

But on the rare occasion when she does go outside, and we praise and treat her, I feel that I can tell from her expression and reaction that she is not associating the praise and the reward with having gone "potty outside."

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I've never heard of this type of behavior, and we have read every house breaking book and internet article we can get our hands on. None of them addresses this problem.

We have not used any negative reinforcement when she messes the house. But we are at wit's end how to get her to unlearn what she has somehow manged to learn.

(BTW, she also pees only on the floor in the house, never outside; but she is still being treated for a urinary tract infection, so we can't totally blame that behavior on conditioning. . But I fear that when the infection is gone, the behavior will not change.)


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