Blue goes insane when we leave

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Blue goes insane when we leave

Post by bluesmom » Sun Nov 25, 2018 6:18 pm

Our 11 month old Sheltie, Blue, goes nuts when we leave the house. The moment you step into the shower he starts whining. He continues to work himself up through our toothbrushing and hair combing. By the time we put on our shoes, he's barking. And when we head for the door he's so upset that he's turning in circles, snarling and, recently, even started snapping at our legs.

Within five minutes of us leaving, he seems to calm down and is okay. There is no destructive behavior except for some bored chewing if we leave things out. So would we still call it "separation anxiety" if he calms down after we're gone?

We've tried going in and out to desensitize him but he's too smart to fall for that! We let him play in our fenced in yard for about 20 minutes before we leave so he can get exercise. I've tried distracting him with a Kong filled with his favorite treats but he won't touch it until later.

We're actually thought of getting a second Sheltie so they can keep each company but fear then we will have TWO dogs attacking us at the door.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

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