Concerned about Shyness and Aggression

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Concerned about Shyness and Aggression

Post by Vivian » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:23 am

Vivi is very shy around others. She shrinks into my leg, whines, and yips to be picked up when a dog is near. It worried me, but now its gone too far. When a husky ran up to Vivi offering to play, she growled, jumping on the husky, and raked its muzzle. The husky was dripping with blood, even though I had just trimmed her nails and groomed her. :shock: And I never let the nails grow too long. : Scared, I called the breeder and she has classes, but it doesn't help much...I dunno how she did it when the dog was so large! Help me! :?:

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Re: Concerned about Shyness and Aggression

Post by Anto » Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:15 am

Hi :) and welcome to the forum :) your girl is just beautiful.

Don't let one experience put you off and most of all don't panic :)

She is only a baby, and it can be quite overwhelming to have a big, bounding dog come up to you. My Mia was the same. I thought it was the thing to do - to let all and every dog come up to her and play with her. But the bigger dogs used to gang up on her - so i put a stop to that quick smart. Our pooches do look to us to protect them, as much as they try to protect us.

Try and ease her into meeting people and new dogs - particularly bigger ones. If you can see she is getting anxious, gently lead her away from the situation. If you're relaxed, she will be too (another lesson I learned :D). If the other dog is less boisterous, gently walk up to them, ask the owner if it is ok for them to say hello. Perhaps say hello to the other dog first, let it sniff your hand so she's sees it isn't a threat (because she'll want to protect you) and maybe kneel down next to viv so she feels you have her back and will look after her.

Puppy and obedience classes are a good idea - try and join a smaller one if possible.

But enjoy her, it is early days. Spend as much time with her as is possible, bonding with her. She is really lovely, and you have picked a beautiful and loyal breed as your first dog. You won't be disappointed.

Keep us posted on how you go with lots of photos too!


Antoinette - Mia's mum :)

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Re: Concerned about Shyness and Aggression

Post by Hanne » Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:27 pm

so good advice from Antoinette
- a Sheltie is a very sensetiv race and it is very important that you find reading about the breed.

A short but nice description
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