1st time Training a 1 1/2 year old Sheltie-nightmare

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1st time Training a 1 1/2 year old Sheltie-nightmare

Post by JaymeeV » Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:08 am

Hello All:

Can someone please help me. I have recently (in the last 2 months) become the sole provider for a female Sheltie, named Lexee. I have never owned a dog. Long story short, this was my dads dog, and she has been shuffled around several times in the last 6 months. As far as I can tell, she has never been house trained. I did not own a crate when she first came to stay with us, so when I went to work, I put puppy pads in the room adjecent to our carpetted gameroom and she had free rein. She would go to the bathroom on or around the puppy pads while I was at work. She never had an accident on the carpetting. She did go potty in the upstairs several times, was reprimanded and stopped that behavior (OR SO WE THOUGHT). It was revealed that she simply stopped going potty on the hard floor where we could see and had sneakily been urinating all over the living room throw rug. She was reprimanded and also stopped going on the LR rug. At this time, I began working with her rigorously to potty outside with treats and lots of praise. She was doing great for about 2 weeks. Then someone suggested I remove the potty pads, and I did, and Lexee has been rufusing to potty outside ever since! Sometimes I stand out there with her and repeat go potty 100 times, and she will not go. Sometimes I watch her from the window (thinking maybe she wants privacy) and she will not go, but as soon as I bring her inside, she finds a carpet to go on. Needless to say....I bought more puppy pads yesterday bc I cant spend my life cleaning up pee, but now she will not go on the pad, she goes on the side of the pad. Lately, she has been peeing in places she never used to. I really honestly feel like she is regressing. It is as if she has completely forgotten what potty means and/or what she is supposed to do when outside. I am at my wits end! Friday, I was in tears over this. Can someone please help!

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Re: 1st time Training a 1 1/2 year old Sheltie-nightmare

Post by Anto » Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:48 pm


I do feel for you. When my Mia was a puppy, it took a bit of time to get her toilet trained and walking nicely on a lead, that I too, many times was in tears thinking 'will this ever get better?" - but it did.. :)

The only thing I can think of that might help is consistency. Taking her out when she first gets up, after breakfast (if she has it), when you get home from work - straight outside (saying 'the word') always, after dinner, and before bed. When she does a wee, lots of praise (like you have been doing). I also found a little trick that helped. I hung a bell on a long piece of ribbon near the back door (or whatever door leads to outside). When she taps the bell, you say 'the word' and then straight outside (even if she doesn't have to go). Keep doing this, so that she associates tapping the bell with going outside to the toilet. My Mia does occasionally just tap it, and not need to go outside, and i jokingly say to her 'I am not your butler, Missy! :D)

It sounds like your pup has had a bit of an unsettled time of it. So you may just need to go back to basics lots of times....

Keep us posted.

Antoinette and Mia :) x

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