Sheltie is barking at strangers

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Sheltie is barking at strangers

Post by caitgray » Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:25 am

Hi all!

My sheltie has been very shy since he is a rehome and missed the socialization stage. He has been in dog training to attain therapy dog certification is gradually becoming more social.
However, every time we go for a walk, he barks and growls at every human and dog that we pass. He is a very loving dog but he seems aggressive when we go for walks and it makes me fearful to let him meet dogs and frankly, the owners of the other dogs do not want to meet him. He does great at doggie daycare, the dog park, and training once he warms up and gets over the shyness.

Please help! I want to socialize him more and show people that he's a sweet boy!



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