Small Litter Size - First Time Sheltie Owners

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Small Litter Size - First Time Sheltie Owners

Post by RoxyWolf » Wed Apr 15, 2020 3:37 pm

First time posting. And first-time potential sheltie owners. We've done lots of research over the past year+ and are definitely keen to get a sheltie.

My question has to do with litters and socialization, especially considering all the social restrictions right now.

We are on two waitlists. The first waitlist had two puppies (one by each of two mothers, both living in the same house). They are 4 days apart, a boy and a girl. I am concerned about the small litter size and the fact that (maybe?) the pups won't have had to negotiate each other in the same way that they would in a normal "one-mother" litter. My concern, ultimately, is that they won't have established strong social behaviours from their litter.

The second waitlist will be born soon and we are number 2 or 3 in the order (with the breeder being #1 to choose for herself, if she wants). There are no guarantees that it will be a larger litter....but I also know more about this breeder's household routines, with regard to exposure to lots of different noises and settings.

Since our socialization options in May and June (the adoption time period) are going to be limited due to COVID-19, getting a pup who has been well-socialized in the litter is really important to me. Does anyone have any experience with small litters and am I right to be hesitant about single-pup litters....or do you think the 2-pups born in the same week will act as a 2-pup litter?

Any thoughts appreciated.

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