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Post by SteveG » Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:33 pm

About 5 weeks ago I took delivery of Freya, our (then) 12 week old sable sheltie puppy. Although I am recently retired, this is my first dog. Fortunately my adult live-at-home daughter Nikki has 2 dogs and is giving me lots of helpful advice. She is a lovely little dog and very friendly with other dogs, cats and humans. I am trying to get her as socialised as possible, taking her to puppy school, visiting friends and family, etc. I took her to a dog park recently but we had a bad experience with a macho staffie owner and his very aggressive dogs. I won't take her back until she is an adult and has basic obedience behind her. We will start obedience after puppy school.

I plan to get her active in agility and flyball provided she enjoys it too. Failing that our daily walks should suffice to keep her healthy and happy.

We are still working out the toilet training, but we are making steady progress. She goes outside first thing in the morning. ( I keep her in a soft crate in our bedroom at night ) and if I fluke the timing, she does go to the toilet outside during the day also. But whenever she goes inside it's *always* on ( or near ) a puppy pad so cleanup is not an issue. She learns so fast, already knows "sit", "down" and am working on "stay". Also working in "in" and "out" for doorways and "eat" is her start-eating word. She kinda knows "heel" when she walks nicely next to me. I try to talk to her all the time, it seems to reassure her. My daughter says I've turned into a crazy dog person.

I've been a cat guy all my life, in fact we still have 2 cats, as black short haired cat and a lovely ginger Siberian. But I'm finding dog parenthood very rewarding. Lots of work, but we are getting there. It's nice being able to go places with your pet. Can't really do that with a cat.

I'm sure I'll be asking lots of stupid questions.

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