Need help with Potty training

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Need help with Potty training

Post by BRANDI » Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:11 pm


I just purchased my gorgeous Sheltie Brandi

1st day home toilet business done outside i was wrapped

Day 2 poo on mat over night or outside on designated lawn area during day.
Spend 1/2 hour to hour playing and running around then to designated area on grass waiting for her to pee for another 15 minutes or so
No luck as soon as we come inside pees, each time in all different spots
I have pee mats around so no excuse, yes she is learning i know but ....
She also peed on her bed why wide awake just jumped on her bed, squatted and peed!

Day 3 poo and wee on mat in laundry where she sleeps overnight yeah
Then outside for pee nothing
Ok so feed her then our usual run around play grass time nothing

So inside to get my cuppa
She disappeared, i found her in lounge on her rug that she sleeps on during day doing a poo

Any advice, suggestions etc. would be greatly appreciated


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