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Sheltie and German Shepherd

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:48 am
by BnB2171
Hey everyone!
New to the forum!

A 14 year old idea that has been coming to life in the last year and a half that I'd like to share.
I was watching a movie the hills have eyes, they had two German shepherds named Beauty and Beast. I've grown up with gsd my whole life. Loved the idea and wanted to make it happen. I've always loved collies, the lassie dog who could not?
About 4 years after this idea ..goal was in mind I came across someone walking there dog, what looked like a baby collie, they told me it was a sheltie! I thought, hmmm.. how perfect would that be this much cuter and gorgeous sheltie with half the grooming involved and I could name her beauty! And get a gsd and name him beast!

So last year I finally made that happen, I got myself a little sable sheltie named Beauty. Everyone always thinks her name is fitting or an odd name choice until I explain my idea. Then they all swoon over it! Anyways, I decided to get Beauty first for a couple reasons.
(Might I add I've had 14 years to research the best way to do it as well as pros and cons over the years, so I have but a lot of effort into analyzing the situation).

I got beauty first because she is a smaller dog, I did this so that she was less of a threat to a bigger dog coming in after. She would be older than a bigger dog and essentially take the lead. I also chose her first because she is female, where as having a male first may have produced more territory than nurturing. I think this was the best way to do it opposed to brining in a sheltie to gsd territory afterwards where the male is more protective. I also am hoping that the gsd puppy will grow up to be protective of beauty and myself.

So this is where I run into a block. I grew up with gsd and love them to death, beauty is my first small dog and sheltie. However I never had to care for the gsd as an owner, as my parents took care of all the ownership like grooming, feeding, vets etc.. and I've only ever ever had one dog at a time. So I am starting to worry now.
I worry that there will be alpha fights, if beast tries to take alpha lead, I'm worried about beauty getting jealous and not feeling as if she can move into my territory if beast is overly protective of me, I'm worried about how much more money it takes to own a gsd.

So I've had this idea, and two years to train beauty- who is now fully awesome.. and it's coming to light and next year will be the year I bring another dog into the mix. I've wanted this for so long but the worry has me Asking myself if I should get a gsd or another sheltie.
I wouldn't mind another sheltie cause she's been very great,she's made it so easy to be a dog owner. I worry how two shelties would be if I got another.. she barely yaps and I wonder if with two if this would be a problem, I wonder how much harder it would be to find a place to rent with noise complaints, or if I had a gsd they consider it a big dog.. I've had to convince places that my sheltie isn't yappy because of their reputation, not to mention places barely allow animals when you're renting now a days. So both come with different arguments and convincing, and then I have my worries.

I could use anyone's feedback! I'm at a loss and not sure what way to go with this. I have to start looking for a breeder soon!
If anyone also has financial estimates of a gsd that would be helpful. I believe they eat 2-3 cups a day which is more than my sheltie consumes. I've estimated my sheltie to be about $900 in upkeep a year (I groom her myself) winfood, treats, vaccines and shots. So I really need to make sure I'm weighing the costs as well.

Re: Sheltie and German Shepherd

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:53 pm
by SheltiePlanet
We have two Sheltie boys and my partner Pete also LOVES german shepherds as well so this has been an issue of research for us too.

As I think you're realizing in your gut, there are several hurdles to overcome. It's not impossible but you're getting a sense of the potential problems. The rental situation is going to be really hard with a GSD I imagine. Even if you find a landlord who accepts a GSD now, there could be a day when you have to move on quick at their request and cant find a new place and have to give the dog up. That would be my biggest concern.

Exercise needs are very different. After about 4 years old your Sheltie will be past the frenzy of adolescence and start to slow down a little. Meanwhile you could have an energetic young GSD on your hands who needs 3x the exercise. Maybe you could handle this by having the GSD retrieve long ball throws while your Sheltie chills and sniffs around. You will have to exercise the GSD way more than a Sheltie though.

Big GSDs can be gentle giants, while little dogs can be much more easily provoked. But it depends on the dog. So you dont know what their relationship will be like until you introduce the two individual dogs together.

Its a good choice to have a Sheltie girl. You will likely see some changes in her when you get another puppy regardless of how well they get on. Some pups can overwhelm and annoy older dogs, and she may put him in his place. Its not a tragedy though: they do need to sort out the pecking order and establish boundaries, and puppies need to learn. So the relationship will be interesting, and hopefully positive all round. My main concern here would be the GSD hurting the Sheltie through rough play, especially as a puppy may not know his size.

Last thought: GSDs need solid obedience training. Ive met some crazy GSDs who jump up and bark aggressively and have zero boundaries; this kind of behaviour would likely terrorize your Sheltie so you need to have the obedience in hand. Not a deal breaker if you handle the GSD correctly, but definitely an important consideration.

As for us, we eventually decided to get a second Sheltie rather than a GSD, and we are very happy. The boys get along well, they know their order and they play well together, but mostly just chill together now that they're getting old. A second Sheltie or similar sized dog would be my recommendation if you really want another, and stall the GSD dream for a few more years until it makes more sense.