My Sheltie is dying

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My Sheltie is dying

Post by chucks » Fri Jan 01, 2021 9:30 pm

I was hoping that I could obtain referrals to a few Vets that I could reach out to for advice.
Within the last month, Kallie, our 8 year-old Sheltie awoke in the morning, peed herself and lay there shaking. She could not move. I contacted Vet Hospitals but they were booked up until the upcoming Monday. I placed a heating pad on her and gave her liquid via an eyedropper. By Monday she could walk , but was very unsteady, unlike the known agility of the breed.
I took Kallie to the Vet, had urine and blood tests performed, and physical analysis. and they could find no reason for her condition. I asked to receive the test results, which the Dr. sent me. There were various test results that were either above or below the accepted levels. When I emailed the Vet about these, he responded that the results were not an issue and offered no advice.
I wish to send these results to other Vets to briefly review and provide their opinion as to how to proceed. I cannot afford to spend another $500 for an exam, only to find out that "nothing has been found". I would think that a professional with knowledge and perception could deduce possible diagnosis and possible treatments.
Kallie is very lethargic, cannot jump on or off the bed. and can hardly walk. She exhibits the actions of someone that has suffered a stroke.
If someone could review the results, and suggest some ideas, processes or medications,I could move toward solving her problem.
Please advise.


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Re: My Sheltie is dying

Post by mmcginty » Mon Feb 08, 2021 5:13 am

I feel for you, it's the worst feeling when your dog is ill. About a year ago I lost both my Shelties within 6 weeks, one had lymphoma, the other had chronic kidney disease. Over a 4.5 month period my vet bills averaged about $400/week between them -- and that was with me administering sub-cu fluids daily, which saved about $40/day for several weeks. The vet was looking for trends in their blood chemistries, which meant rerunning the panels, it gets expensive in a heartbeat. Diagnostics are not cheap and test results are only relevant for a short time. When you run out of ways to help them and keep them comfortable, for whatever reason, the kindest thing to do is to end their suffering.

By now it's almost been 6 weeks since you posted, hopefully whatever the problem was has resolved and she recovered. If she passed away I'm very sorry for your loss. If she's somewhere in between I'll do whatever I can, but I don't know any vets that work for free... for whatever it's worth.


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