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53 Ridiculously Cute Sheltie Antics

I asked our Sheltie Planet readers: what's the cutest thing your Sheltie has done recently?

Puppy Face
  • "He knows how to press the enter key with his nose to start iTunes." - Paul Veverka
  • "He keeps running into everything with his cone around his head from his surgery." - Caleb Wilson
  • "While on the computer... She crawled on my lap and put her face on mine to make me pay attention to her." - Adrienne Daly
  • "He keeps telling me I love you as I was eating chips, hoping he would get some too :P" - Filipa Vuletic
  • "Pooped" - Jared Freedland
  • "Moves her mouth like she is talking especially if I offer her a Cheeto." - Robert J Kowal
  • "She randomly chases her tail." - Heather Galloway
  • Sleepy Shelties
  • "Stands on his hind legs and puts his arms on my shoulders like a hug :)" - Kelsey Scharf
  • "My youngest likes to play hide-and-go-seek. She hides behind the curtains and sticks her nose out from underneath. It's too darn cute!" - Jason Henry
  • "My littlest one is starting to howl like a baby wolf :)" - Debora Toro Osh
  • "We had a racoon a few months ago... Now whenever she goes out the back door she growls the entire trip down the steps sniffing the air. I don't know what she would do if she actually caught up with him. She knows the word squirrel, so whenever I say "Where's the squirrel?" she runs to the closest window or door and growls." - Joe Lopchinsk
  • "Charlie thought he could catch a kangaroo - do you know how big they are???" - Michelle Heins
  • "My boy "fake sneezes" every time I spray Febreeze. He is so silly then he puts his paws over the edge of his nose and looks up at me. He also loves to steal my daughters spot when she is lounging on the sofa and sits up." - Brenda Van Vorst Green
  • "Winked at me." - Julia Paszek-Morris
  • "My Sheltie Keeli has now made it a habit to snuggle with me and a blanket, on the couch every evening. If I take to long to pull the blanket over me, she will sit or lay on the floor right in front of me, for however long it takes for me to get the message that she's ready to snuggle... it's very cute :)" - Dawn Boyd-Twenge
  • Cute Sheltie Antics
  • "Wrestles with my cat :P" - Leanne Beck
  • "Barks at the cat and makes bigger dogs run away!!!!! :)" - Kason Fuller
  • "He started falling asleep (the head nod and all) just after we woke up and we both slept in until 11:30 lol." - Lisa Humphreys
  • "When my boy Loki wants to play with his Corgi sister he takes his favorite squeaky toy and squeaks it ON TOP of her head since she's a shortie. She's not a huge fan of his 'playfulness' lol." - Melissa Asony
  • "I can't even pinpoint this, my Sheltie is funny, cute, hilarious and over the top constantly thru my day. He makes me smile, laugh and warms my heart at every moment. He is me and my husband's only child. ♥ " - Cassandra Dawn
  • "My 4 yr old son hurt his finger last night and started crying really bad, my Sheltie Ciccio came over to lick his hands when I was comforting him. Very sensitive dog." - Suwan Mak-Mancuso
  • "Played with a sock... He'd run away from it then come back and pounce on it then run away again like it was chasing him." - Amanda Casto
  • "Takes me to the bathroom." - Debby Swansbro Holycross
  • Cute Sheltie Sleeping
  • "My Bela (a former puppy mill mama) who hasn't "spoken" for eight months (at least) did a play bow and barked for the first time yesterday!" - Jaynie Nowell-Snoke
  • "Spanky doesn't like to be alone, so when I took too long in the bathroom the other day he decided to put a paw under the door to let me know he was there." - Lisa Sturgis Hunter
  • "My Charlie brings me a random item (sock, shirt, etc) to play. It's adorable." - Stephanie Rondon
  • "My puppies like to stick their noses into the opening of a sock and try to bite it from the inside. They like to get the sock onto their noses (balled up like when you put on pantyhose) and then they prance around like they are so proud of themselves. Oh and they fight over the heat vents now that it is winter!" - Tracey Dery
  • "It is the EYES...... What he says with his eyes. He talks with them. Love my Sheltie and my Boston Terrier." - Gail Adie
  • "My Sheltie, Jags, makes it into the bathroom before me so I am not allowed privacy. And the sock thing must be a Sheltie thing as my boy loves to hide his nose." - Brenda Van Vorst Green
  • "Maci has dinner with us every Saturday night. She has her own seat at the family dinner table and gets her own filet mignon all cut up, a baked potato and usually a little asparagus. She only takes one bite at a time when she's told to and graces us with her presence throughout the entire meal. She is an absolute joy and makes our day every day!" - Anne Pelnar
  • Cheeky Puppy
  • "My girl Ada hunts for grasshoppers in the yard... She's not much of a hunter! Yesterday she did it in the rain. It's cute!" - Lise G Shanks
  • "When my Maggie plays tag with my nieces and nephews... chasing them around the kitchen/family room." - Kristie Johnson
  • "My Jordi loves to run after his ball while my other Sheltie Masie chases him!!" - Melinda Cannon
  • "My Sheltie knows how to put his toys back in his basket, which has his name embroidered on the basket liner. So when I say "clean up your toys", he does!" - Eric Ango Marks
  • "My Youngest Sheltie stole my cupcake right off the table and ate all of it including the cupcake wrapper." - Debra Rounds
  • "This was cute but also very clever. Our Sheltie Kenna has her own soft toys but loves to steal the children's toys as well. She doesn't chew them, just arranges them neatly on my bed. Yesterday I caught her with Cody's favourite teddy in her mouth. My arms were full and I simply said: "That's not your toy. That's Cody's." Kenna walked back into the boys' bedroom and put the teddy neatly back on Cody's pillow. Clever dog." - Anne Morrison Jordan
  • Shelties Playing at The Beach
  • "My Buddy herds me to the "food" closet every evening for his dinner. However, since the time change he's an hour early. We are all adjusting... some faster than others... staring eyes make me feel guilty. I guess that's the idea!" - Deb 'n Phil Cypert
  • "Everything he's done recently was the funniest / cutest thing I've ever seen." - Ted Buffington
  • "My 3 month old stared at my glass of milk for 10 minutes without moving, you would have thought he was a stuffed Sheltie!" - Scott Voges
  • "I sometimes leave the leash on Boomer and let go so he can run around the yard a little. If he gets close to me, he will grab the end of the leash and run away so I can not grab it. It is cute. He is sooo smart." - Gail Earwood
  • "I am using a walker after a recent surgery. My 14 year old Sheltie is not afraid of it, he just gives a gentle and sympathetic look as I roll by. But my 5 year old isn't wise enough yet so he gives the look of "oh here she comes again with THAT thing". They are such wonderful and sensitive dogs. My young one does snuggle a little more now since I am injured so he is comforting in that way." - Lisa Blank Compo
  • "He has been chasing a fly around the house for two days snapping at it with his jaws. Sometimes all I have to say is "the fly is back" and he jumps up looking for it!" - Bill Caine
  • "Sneezes so much when he gets excited that he hit his nose on the floor. Don't worry he didn't hurt himself lol." - Stephanie Pocius
  • Cute Puppy Sheltie
  • "She does this thing I call the "kick routine". All of a sudden she's on her back kicking her legs in the air and barking lightly as she kicks. She is just having a blast! Love it!! Oh and she gives hugs!" - Amberly Nesbitt
  • "Well my Sheltie, Shannon, passed away many years ago but I still remember his little quirks like they happened yesterday. He loved to bark, as most Shelties do and he had a very loud bark. So, we taught him a trick to "whisper" when he was in the house. We'd put our finger to our lips and say "shhh whisper Shannon use your inside voice." And he'd do his own little whisper voice. Hilarious!" - Kristy Brown
  • "I love it when mine start making little woof sounds in their sleep. It's adorable. They also know when it is time to wake my boys up in the morning and will jump on the bed and lick them. Leia also barks at thunder... like runs outside and demands Thor come out and fight her. It's hilarious!" - Natalie Marie Bobsein
  • "Our Jake has to be in the middle, whether that be on the bed, the sofa or the floor. The other morning I was in bed with our cat Tallulah just chillin when Jake jumped up and got in the middle... That wasn't enough for him he leans over and lays on the kitty." - Brenda Rodriguez-Pace
  • "Gets jealous when anyone hugs me. Starts barking and whining." - Marianne Hart
  • Cute Sheltie Sings
  • "Dakota will take jumps in the yard and at the park with ease but won't jump into the car. I have to lift his lazy butt onto the seat." - Linda Chybowski-Finnegan
  • "Diesel, our youngest blows bubbles in his water bowl..." - Jurgen Hirzel
  • "After Maya eats dinner, she goes outside, then rushes back in and rubs against the runs and furniture." - Estella Guerrero
  • "My puppy Bella hangs on her mother Holly's tail while she is chasing my Standard Poodle around the yard. Poor mom doesn't have much tail hair left! Very funny to watch though!" - Christel Gezels
  • "My dog Lassie will come and nudge and lift my whole arm up with her nose for a cuddle." - Julie Woolerson
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