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Brain Training for Sheltie Dogs

I asked our Sheltie Planet readers: what's the most ridiculous thing your Sheltie has done recently?

Cute Sheltie Sleeping

Piper is comfortable

Sleepy Shelties

Howard and Piper love to nap together... Check out the bed hair.

Cute Sheltie Antics

Howard loves to sit on Pete's lap when he works at the computer

Puppy Face

Piper getting all up in the camera

Cheeky Puppy

Howard chewed anything he could get his teeth into during the coyote stage

Shelties Playing at The Beach

Mid-zoomies on the beach, pausing to bite each other's necks

Cute Puppy Sheltie

Puppy Howard, chomping on his toy

Cute Sheltie Sings

Piper stops for a sing-song on the beach

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Becky Casale is a writer and science student. She has two Sheltie babies and two human babies who all smell like popcorn. See her Pet Owner's Guide to Shelties and her illustrated blog Science Me.

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