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Let's look at the best dog products for Shelties, including grooming brushes, collars, leashes, pet insurance, dog food, and dog beds.

The 3 Best Dog Brushes for Shelties

Here are the three types of brushes you need to keep your Sheltie's thick double coat tidy and healthy.

Not all dog brushes are effective on Sheltie fur, which demands specialized tools to remove the loose undercoat and untangle those dreaded mats. Today I'm running through the three best dog brushes for Shelties and how to use them correctly to groom your pooch right every time... [continue reading The 3 Best Dog Brushes for Shelties]

20 Things You Need for a New Puppy

You're getting a puppy! Praise Wibblesniff! Life is good!

The day you bring a new puppy home, your life will change in a big way. Those first few weeks will be the most demanding. You'll spend hours bonding with your new friend and at times the constant supervision may feel overwhelming. So get the whole family involved and take turns to look after him.

Everything in the house is new to your puppy. He'll try to chew on everything, explore every crevice, and make all kinds of mess on the carpet. It pays to stock up on puppy gear before you bring him home, so you're prepared for the mischief and mishaps that lie ahead... [continue reading 20 Things You Need for a New Puppy]

The Genius of Slow Dog Feed Bowls

When our Sheltie, Howard, was just a little puppy he used to graze on his kibble all day long. But as soon as we got Piper, the competition was on! Imagine our surprise when we fed the dogs that first night. What ensued was a 20-second frenzy of snarfing and gobbling, followed by hiccups, burps and bloating. Gross! But having a dog that eats too fast is more than a passing annoyance.

By vacuuming up his food, your Sheltie also swallows a lot of air, which causes stomach bloating and hiccups. By swallowing without chewing, your Sheltie is missing out on the first stage in the digestive process and is more likely to regurgitate or vomit. And by eating and chewing slowly, your dog will feel fuller and more satisfied after a meal... [continue reading The Genius of Slow Dog Feed Bowls]

What is The Best Dog Food?

What is the best dog food to give to your beloved fur friend? Is it safe enough to give him dry kibble only? Or should you give fresh foods as well? What's the deal with dog food scams - are some brands really bad for your dog's health? How often should you give dog chews to keep his teeth clean? Today I'm putting my research hat on to examine the modern dog food market.

Dry kibble may look (and smell!) the same to us humans, but looks can be deceiving. In fact, the scale of dog food is broad and price can be a valuable indicator of what you're actually buying. At the low end of the scale, you have the dirt-cheap supermarket dog food. Now, it may seem like you're catching a great bargain, but it's impossible for a 40lb bag of kibble sold at $9.95 to contain quality protein and nutrition for your Sheltie... [continue reading What is The Best Dog Food?]

What is The Best Dog Bed for Small Dogs?

In the wild, dogs keep close to each other for warmth at night. So if your dog ever climbs onto your bed in the night it might be just because he's trying to warm up. A good dog bed is made of plush material that contains his body heat - much like humans use thick duvet covers to trap body heat at night.

Then there's the issue of comfort. Just what constitutes comfort to a dog? Given the choice, where does your Shetland Sheepdog decide to curl up: On the couch? On the beanbag? On your bed? On your lap? This is a demonstration of their nesting instinct - to seek out soft, comfortable surfaces to sleep on. This is also important for older dogs who suffer from arthritis.

We also need to consider security for puppies or nervous dogs... [continue reading What is The Best Dog Bed for Small Dogs?]

What is The Best Dog Leash?

There are three types of dog leash covered here and the best one for your Shetland Sheepdog is variable - it all depends on your dog's needs. For example: are you leash training a puppy or adult dog? Do you trust your dog and want to give him more freedom? Do you have a dog who pulls constantly and needs correction?

The material of a dog leash is important too. For dogs who love to chew everything, a metal chain link leash will last longer (although they do rust if you get them wet). Meanwhile, nylon dog leashes are strong and cheap but can chafe on your skin. Many dog professionals choose leather leashes; although they cost more, they are soft, strong and flexible... [continue reading What is The Best Dog Leash?]

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

This is a question I've been mulling over ever since I added up all the vet bills during the first year of having our two Sheltie puppies. For instance, we paid out $130 on vaccinations, $180 on appointment fees and $400 on neutering. This adds up to $710 and these are just the essentials - never mind any unexpected illnesses or injuries.

With an average monthly pet insurance premium of $15 (adding up to $180 per year) it appears at face value that pet insurance is worth it. But let's dig a littler deeper. After all, neutering is a one-time thing, so what might our costs be over a lifetime of vet bills? [continue reading Is Pet Insurance Worth It?]

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